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thumb_bayheadWe hope you enjoy browsing through the features and gallery whether you're a real SY or just interested in the town and island. If you have any memories you could send us, questions you think we could help with, please contact us. You might even be able to correct us if we've got something wrong!

In Stornoway parlance "haoidh coves and blones - any yarns down the vile?"




An Historical Overview

The Norse domination of the Hebrides lasted from about 800 to 1266 AD. The old castle of Stornoway, whose ruins were finally demolished in 1882, was originally built around 1300 by the Nicolsons who were themselves of Norse origin.


The Name Stornoway

The name Stornoway (Scottish Gaelic-'Steornabhagh') derives from 'Sjornavagr', the Old Norse for 'steering bay'. Stornoway has been settled since at least Viking times although there is archaeological evidence of Neolithic activity in the near vicinity of the town.

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Stornoway Today

Sail Loft view of Harbour
The view, from the refurbished Sail Loft.

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