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Burgh of Stornoway

Burgh of Stornoway

Chief Magistrates and Provosts

Norman Maciver Shipowner 1864-1867
Donald Munro Chamberlain of the Lews 1867-1874
Donald Mackenzie Shipmaster 1874-1877
William Mackay Chamberlain of the Lews 1877-1882
Matthew Russell Merchant 1882-1885
Murdo Macleod Bank Agent 1885-1891
Donald Smith Fishcurer 1891-1892
Donald Smith Fishcurer 1892-1897
John N. Anderson Solicitor 1897-1909
John Mackenzie Fishcurer 1909-1916
Murdo Maclean Merchant 1916-1919
Roderick Smith Chemist 1919-1922
Kenneth Mackenzie Manufacturer 1922-1925
Louis Bain Fishcurer 1925-1930
Alexander Maclennan Retired Merchant 1930-1933
Roderick Smith Chemist 1933-1939
Alexander John Mackenzie Tweed Manufacturer 1939-1959
Donald James Stewart Tweed Sales Director 1959-1965
Mrs. Ann Urquhart
Donald James Stewart Tweed Sales Director 1968-1970
Alasdair Macdonald Matheson Hotelier 1970-1971
Alexander Matheson Pharmacist 1971-1975

Murdoch Macleod

The administration of the Burgh of Stornoway remained in the hands of the Superiors until 1825 when the proprietrix, the Hon.ACTION NEEDED

Stornoway Today

Sail Loft view of Harbour
The view, from the refurbished Sail Loft.

Maritime Project

Maritime Exhibition
Maritime Exhibition